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Day 1

Start: Lands End End: Bridgewater Start Time: 7:20 End Time: 19:10 Distance: 163 miles Average Speed: Weather: No Wind, Sunny and Very Warm

We got up at 6am, had some breakfast and got geared up ready to go. All of us excited, eager and ready to start. What we had been training for since the beginning of the year had finally arrived. We drove to Lands End and started to get set up. Double-checked our bikes to make sure they were ok. Lucy was roaming around already starting to take pictures of us. Serena handed out some small envelopes. What’s this? We had all been given a set of dog tags with our call name on. (From Top Gun) We finally set off our first leg of the ride at 7:20am with the sun shinning and no wind, perfect.

Our first stop was for breakfast at 9:10am on the A30 Just past Redruth. The girls fed us sausage and bacon sandwiches with tea and coffee whilst they topped up our drinks bottles. We all applied sun cream except Dave as the temperature was already 32�c. Harry had the first schoolboy error of our trip. He wore a top which had no pockets so he had to change.

Our next stop was on the A30 in a lay-by approaching Launceston at 11:40am. Everyone is ok and the weather is holding up being sunny so more cream is slapped on but the winds have got up slightly. We all had some tea, coffee, banana�s and flapsnak (really it was flapjack but this flapsnak was Harry�s language!) I had the start of a knee ache so I put on some pain relief gel.

Lunch stop at 13:25pm at a services part on the A30 at Oakhampton. We had plenty of tomato pasta, sausages and bread rolls to keep us going. Rob�s arse hurt a bit and he slipped away to the toilets with the pack of wet wipes! I think a comment of Harry might have a bad back in the morning seeing as they are sharing a room all week! After our 40-minute lunch stop we were off again into the summer heat.

Last stop of the day was at 16:47pm in Tiverton, the girls just set up camp outside some residential homes, talk about twitching curtains!

Photographs from Day One