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D Day

I’m sitting here with a few butterflies in the stomach, not sure what to expect of the next few days.
One thing is for certain; if the last 6 months of training have not helped there is no helping me now. Tomorrow morning at around 7:30 Dave will pick me up and we will join up with Harry and Rob and make our way down to Lands End ready for the off.

Whilst chatting with Dave earlier we decided to plan day one with some caution, the terrain through the West Country is very undulating which might cause a lot of wasted energy. Day 2 on the other hand should be a flatter run through the midlands, if we can keep enough in reserve and not push too hard on day one we can make up ground on the flats of day two.

Looking back at that sentence is quite scary, especially when you also look at a map of the UK.
That little sticky out part in the bottom left is going to be completed in just one day!