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Blazing Angels

During my visit to Ant’s the other day I set him up on Xbox Live, eager to test it out he fired up Blazing Angels and joined an online match. On my return home the images of dog fights above Africa were ripe in my mind, so I went out and picked up a copy. I’ve had the demo for a while, it is available for free on the Xbox Live Marketplace and it does contain quite a bit of game play so worth the download. At first I was really impressed by the gameplay, some of the interface is a bit rough; those subtitles could have done with a bit more thought and a better font! However one thing lead to another and I never got round to playing the full version. Sorry to say that in the final version those Comic Sans style subtitles are stuff there, when will they learn. But the gameplay makes up for it by far. There is nothing quite like taking part in a dog fight above London. The locking onto and flying whilst locked on takes a bit to get used to and be prepared to lean with the controller, you can’t help it, when you go into one of those dives and Baron Von Messerschmitt turns sharply you just end up doing the old crooked neck controller tilt. The missions closy follow the airborne events of WWII, you can even replay some historic battles, just a shame Ubi decided to write the dialog from an American point of view. The game is very easy to pick up but hard to put down, Ant mentioned he had already completed it but since the addition of online game I think it will open up a whole new level of gaming. I’m not sure how long the online side will last, if new content is released then this will improve the life span but failing that I don’t think this will hold the Xbox live ranks as long as something like Ghost Recon.