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Two Wheel Catch Up

I was going through some feeds earlier and notice a few interesting cycling related articles.
RoadCyclingUK had their first look at the new Look 565 frame and fork. I was lucky enough to ride Dave’s 386 486 Look the other month and what a bike, but for me the money has to be on a tubular frame; think I’ve found a future frameset. Oakley are breaking into the hydration market. This is not a contender for my Camelback Havoc, not at £70 for the bag alone, but being an Oakley freak I can see me looking at this for general use.

Finally Magura have released details on next years brakes. I’ve had a set of HS33’s for about 7 years and they have never failed or leaked, I think when my Mono’s show signs of age I’ll go for a set of Marta’s.