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The support is rolling in


Yesterday morning everything went a bit blurry as the realisation suddenly hit that, this time in three weeks I will be well on my way into the first day of the End 2 End challenge.

I am currently in a state of fear about the journey, there is this massive black cloud of “will I make it” looming over my head. Added to this that at present sponsorship money is rolling in only adds to the commitment of making sure it’s a success

The response has been overwhelming so far and I would like to personally thank all people that have offered money, support and best wishes.
I sent out email’s to customers and suppliers the other week and so far sponsorship forms have been sent around the country, one supplier has even made a very generous bulk donation. Customers who visit our office are also being hounded; sorry about that but many thanks, you know it makes sense. The local Rotary club have also been collared; once again many thanks.
Especially thanks to all friends and family who are not only offering sponsor money but also the mental support needed to over come these little moments of fear.

Thanks to all!