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All bugged out


What have I gone and done?

I’ve made the sacrifice to end all sacrifices, I’ve agreed with Lucy to sell my Audi so that we can get a car she can learn to drive in!
Don’t get me wrong my Audi is nothing special, by modern standards anyway, but to me it is a lovely V6 engine that just purrs along. The problem is that I do not do enough miles to really justify having a car let alone that car but it was my little piece of motorhead.
So when Lucy said she wanted to learn to drive we thought about it and the insurance company were not too happy about insuring her so it had to be a smaller car. Which unfortunately meant that something had to give, after a few days sitting there I decided it was me that had to give. I’ve let Lucy do all the looking and choosing and this evening we put the deposit down on a VW Beetle

Have to admit that on the looks alone Lucy has made a good choice, not sure about anything else, I’m not really mechanically minded but I checked and it had 4 wheels, one steering wheel and some seats. Good enough for me.
Of course I will miss the luxury and power of my Audi and yes it was not the best to look at but it will be nice to be driven around for once!