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The PS3 low down

The last few weeks have been ripe with news of the PS3 launch date so here are some details just in case you were a bit confused:

It will be launched in November this year; yep 2006. They are planning a Worldwide launch; good luck!
6 million units in the first year; financial year or our standard 12 months.
60gb Hard drive included; good move.
Backwards compatible with all Playstation games; Well done Sony
Full Blu Ray supprt; No HD-DVD?
HD and HDMI ready; Thanks, now I have to get the matching TV
Linux OS installed; interesting.
Region Free Games; Is that a good thing?
Free Online Service; So EA will sting me instead?

Of course there are a lot more details out there so just Google for yourself but the best news for me is they have ditched the ‘boomerang’ controller!
This was a major let down but thankfully it was just a prototype and the new controller would be revealed at E3. The online service that Sony claimed would be the Xbox Live killer is rumoured to called 'PlayStation Network Platform’ will be ready to support the machine from launch. If this service remains free is uncertain, as are a lot of details about the whole situation.

Of course as with a lot of Sony hype it might just be that; hype. Expect delays and set backs right up till Christmas, that said I am looking forward to some next gen Gran Turismo.