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SE can kiss my ass!

I’ve been a user of Sony Ericsson phones for many years now, I just love the UI and the features.
My current phone a D750i has been a lovely little machine, but recently it has been failing to see the memory card, a pain when you want to take a picture and you have to restart the phone to get it to reconise the Duo stick. The phone also features a handy little service where you can update the phones firmware online via SE services. So as a means to fix my phone I downloaded the update service client, ran the program and downloaded the updated firmware, cool this could be my fix.

Hell no, since the update my phone is now a complete brick. It will not turn on and all buttons are dead.
Sony Ericcson’s answer to this problem, send the phone off to be repaired; BTW if it costs anything it will cost me!
Cutsomer service, I love it!