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Phone Update

To say I was not impressed by Sony Ericsson’s service was a bit of an understatement so I decided to try and sort my phone out myself.
After a quick google I found out that the people in the know are the DaVinciTeam who specialise in SE mods and firmware updates. A bit researching I found that using the standard USB cable and the DaVinci client software I can re-flash my phone; hopefully into a working one!
Be warned this process does nothing for your warrenty and does not promise to leave you with a working phone but as my was dead already I opted for the ‘what the hell’ option. Instead of just flashing my phone I tried an update to the W800i firmware, what do you know I now have a working phone again!
The W800i interface looks much the same with the addition of a music player; not really going to leave my iPod at home just yet. The phone does feel a bit quicker and the display sharper and it has not dropped the memory stick yet.