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i've got an idea .com

During one of those geeky sessions were people get together and chat some one mentioned the word “Interslice” and “Cutco”, these words sounded familiar.

I remembered it was from an episode of Simpsons; Das Bus to be exact. Anyway Homer is trying to set up a new internet company that is catchy. The name Interslice is catchy, so catchy that I can’t shift it so I thought about having a look into the domain name. Interslice.

You what? You expect to get $8,000 just for a name that was mentioned on Simpsons? Fair play to you if you do.
This obviously got me thinking, why not buy up all those catchy names and phases you hear and sell them off when they hit the scenes.

My retirement fund now consists of four .com’s one .net and a handful of