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A Time for a change

This morning I received a set of Time RXE pedals.

To be honest I’ve never really spent a lot on pedals since I could ride a bike. The last ones I got for my road bike were a set of Shimano 105 SPD-SL’s which so far have racked up over 1,000 miles. Last week end one of the pedals started making a horrible noise; the noise that says I’m gonna die soon.

So I started looking around for a new set of pedals and was looking into the whole float issue. I have some strange things going on in my knees and lately I’ve been getting some nasty pains towards the back of my knee. To which I read a review to say that Time and Speedplay are some of the best out there for people with knee problems.
Being the tight wad that I am I did not want to spend out a fortune on trying a pedal out to see if it helps, yet I wanted something in a hurry to test this week end. Which meant I had to make an internet purchase; sorry Rob I would have come to you if I could!

The pedals arrived this morning and to be honest I’m not over the moon, my old 105’s were a nice metal body with a good flat platform for good power transfer, these are a combination of right angled plastic with what looks to be no adjustment on the release pressure. I’m not expecting the world as I refused to fork out 150 notes for the carbon and ti version but so far the only good side is the cleat look a bit more manly than the Shimano’s.

Any one else had experience with Time pedals?