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Smoking a no-no

Yesterday the British all voted to ban smoking in pulic venues; including private clubs, by the summer of 2007. It was only a matter of time really and all I can say is I’m not too sure about the whole thing. I look at it from two sides, the side of me that has just given up smoking and regrets ever starting is pleased about it, it is surprising how the smell of smoke now makes me feel ill. However the side of me that thinks you should be allowed to do what you feel is not so certain. Sitting in pub (public house) yes the smell is off putting and no matter what you do with smoking areas and non smoking areas just does not work. But to completely ban it out right even in private ‘gentlemans’ clubs is a bit strong. I can foresee a underground network of smokers developing; the Dark Marlboro’s they will be known as, they meet every 27minutes in an underground cave, away from the preying eyes of the law, enjoying that smooth taste of burning ash. The MadMax era is upon us people.