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it's changed again

A while back I tried out Joen’s Fauna theme and at the time I was impressed.
But K2 kept on calling me back, with her cheaky AJAX powers and friendly support it was not long before I returned to what has been known as home for longer than I can remember.

Since the other week when I noticed shibbyonline was a year old I’ve been thinking about making this place my own. It is nice to use K2 as a base but every one appears to be styling K2 and putting out themes (ahem, guilty) and it is great but I just fancied something I could call my own, a place I knew would be 100% home grown. Originally I had planned on waiting for Juicy to show it’s face and offer to help on the work there but it looks like Matt is a bit snowed under right now, so I gues it’s back to the drawing board.

Until such time as I know the style and image I want to create I going back to using Fauna (currently beta3) as this is a nice simple theme which is easy to work with.