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Hobbies and Social Time

I grew up on a farm away from the local villages so riding a bike was second nature. There was always enough space to learn to ride and practice on, fall off on and generally have fun on a bike.
When the time came the bike was my means of escape, rides down into the villages to meet up with friends and when the birthday’s came it was always the latest shiny offering from Rayleigh that sat highly on the list.

When you turn 17 you realise that you have spent most of your teenage years using your legs like some form of fool, now you can have a machine that does all that work for you; car!
So I learnt to drive and forgot to ride. That was until you have a puncture or the car goes in for a service, out comes the bike. Trusty old stead.

During the last couple of years I have been meaning to improve my fitness and get out in the fresh air more. So in a desperate attempt to sort something out I purchased a Marin Mountain bike. So far my entire life on a bike was spent on 2inch wide MTB tires, none of this silly slick racer’s for me.
For the next year (well mainly the summer) I spent a lot of time on the bike, cycling too and from work, out and about during the week ends and generally having a laugh.
During the winter the bike went away again until the spring, only coming out once during a bad snow storm when it seamed like a good idea.
When summer came round again I was back on the bike, I even started watching the Tour de France. Nope correct that I was addicted to the Tour de France, I was inspired by the riders and in particular Lance Armstrong. I know the story behind him but not the details. In 2006 I took part in my first big ride; from Lands End to John O’Groats

I’m into gaming in a big way. I’m not great at it but I love taking part.
Currently I’m on the Live service from Microsoft, gamertag of Funky Larma Feel free to add me and join a game

I’m currently chilling out to, check out my Last.FM account for more

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