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And you can keep your achievements!

Last night should have been one of those ‘lads’ nights when we all get together play console and kick back. Instead I had a meeting with the cycle club so I had to bail.
The venue for the meeting was just down the road from Mr. bob g bob house so I decided I would try and pop round after the meeting and admire 360 in full HD glory. So I packed in my MU and Tigerwoods and Madden (two games I really want to see at 1080lines).
bob was of course desperate to show case the new Bravia lcd display so he was putting every game on, we settled for a quick bout on Dead or Alive 4 (well that’s a shallow one) to which I won and suddenly I get a message I’ve unlocked an achievement. Confused as did not sign in I checked my profile; sure enough I’ve unlocked 155 point on DOA4 by winning one round, I’d even got the playing for 10 hours medal!
Thanks DOA not only are you easy with your costumes but the points just pop on out.