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A theme is born

Blog Ideas

It has been in the back of my mind for quite a while now; create your own WordPress theme.

The problem is that I have not really got the inspiration to sit there and come up with something interesting. There are plenty of ideas swirling around in the grey matter, I even started planning out some rough ideas before Christmas but I think they got lost in the post Crimbo tidy up. Every time I log on or view a blog I find a different aspect I like the look of, which reminds me of my long term plan to build my own theme. Finally I think I found the drive to put this into motion. It did not come from a site layout but more a person’s plan to release a theme a day for a week.

If you are not aware Phu is planning to release a theme a day for a week. Now I know Phu is damn good coder and quite the visionary but if he can code a theme in a night and release it; take a look for your self they are not two bob hacks they are respectable themes, then why can I not get off my ass and have something to show for all the thoughts.

Last night I finally put pen to paper and tips to keys to start planning out some ideas. At present I have no idea, name or set scheme to stick to, this will just be creative flow.