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The call signs are set.

When Dave first mentioned about cycling from Lands End to John O’Groates I thought this would just be a flash in the pan idea, some thing that would be forgotten about in the build up to Christmas. I’m sure that was more hoping than thinking.
Well now a couple of weeks down the line and this is by far dream, it is really going to happen.

The date has been set; we leave Lands End on Monday the 5th June and all being well and good we will arrive in John O’Groates sometime on Friday 9th June having just ridden the length of the British Isles.

It just leaves the little ‘call sign’ item to clear up. You see the four riders taking part in this event are myself, Rob (owner of LifecycleUK) Dave and his cousin Harry. Dave and Harry completed this tour last year in around 10days and during the ride started quoting lines from Top Gun, so much so that they were nick named Maverick and Goose.
When Dave (Goose) was talking to Rob about the ride and Rob signed up the call sign 'Jester’ was used; well if you saw his prices you would laugh!
I was the final person to join the group and Goose suggested I go by the name Viper, but when talking to Harry (Maverick) it was decided Viper was just much legacy for me to carry so I ended up as Merlin. So now we have it:

Harry: Maverick
Dave: Goose
Rob: Jester
Adam: Merlin

1,000miles of Top Gun quotes and being called Merlin could be interesting if not mentally challenging but as long as I’m there and taking part I guess it is ok. Now onto the hard part; training!