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New Year / Fresh Idea

Well we have started the new year and as usual we all sit there and make those resolutions and try and better ourselves for the coming year. Of course we all do this with the best intensions and at the time we have nothing but positive energy for the task ahead. However as the weeks progress the dedication dwindles and the engery disappears until at the end the gym membership is cancelled and the idea of driving to work is just another part of the morning routine.
Well I too have decided on a few life changing ideas over the last few days/weeks. I think you look past at the last year and think about what you missed out on and what you feel you should have achieved and some where in the middle you decide what it was you want to do in the coming year.
The most important factor for me in the coming year is my fitness. Since finding my legs again on a bike I’ve decided to really give it a crack, plus I know I will need to stay fit to keep up with Rob on the long ride later this year.
The second on my list and probably the meaning behind this post is this web site.
It nearly a year ago I first found out about this blogging scene and started following some regular bloggers. Since then I seen quite a explosion on this front and many people have fronted and created new designs and been an inspiration to us, the followers. But now looking back I’ve got that ‘where am I?’ feeling. What does this all mean and where is it all going? So I’ve decided to go back to basics and find the roots, it does pay to know where your from to see where your going. (Did I smoke something earlier or what?)
The first thing to notice is that the theme of this site has moved back to the standard look of K2. I liked the idea of my last theme, but with the influx of great ideas out there it is difficult to come up with something original, until that hits me I’ll stick with the simple looks of K2. I’ve got a few more ideas, even building my own theme from scratch, surely it can’t be that hard.
I don’t really want to jump on the 'redsign coming soon’ band wagon but I think the first part of the new year will be taken up with some serious re-thinking on the style and content of the site and trying to find a place for it. Only time will tell.