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MacWorld - 10.1.06

I guess I better post the manitory post about MacWorld and the new products to hit the Apple store, it does seem only right.
So yesterday Steve took the stage and every one waited to see what shiny gadgets he would reveal; most people expected a Intel powered machine, more likely an iBook or a Mini. Rumours of Shuffle being updated or even dropped, new software in the form of iLife06 (that was just about certain if you follow trends) iWork and a new addition iWeb (also 99% certain after a iWeb web page was leaked last week). On the more extreme end of the rumour express was thoughts of a Apple branded plasma screen, or extreme iPlasma; bit like a iMac I guess.
Instead of following the herd I sat at home and watched read the event unfold via MacRumoursLive and when all the smoke had cleared I was left a little bit dazed and confused.
First off we have a new gadget for iPod’s; a FM tuner, could be fun I guess.
Second the software; iLife06 including iWeb, iLife to me is always a sound package but I can’t see me spending out the upgrade just for these newer versions and iWeb does not really float my boat. I don’t use enough of my .Mac account as it is.
Now the juicy stuff the hardware! First off a brief intro from Intel bunny, now the first Intel powered Mac; the new iMac. hmmmmm… Ok yes the iMac is a great machine, still use my old G4 but surely the iMac went through an upgrade not so long ago, recieving an iSight camera and a cool remote to control FrontRow (also new). Enough of this the next machine is up; MacBook Pro. You what? MacBook Pro. Interesting name and I’m sure it will eventually catch on but what about the machine. Once again dual Intel cores and all the usual extras found on Apple portables; iSight, remote, wireless, bluetooth.
Of course this is just my quick run down of the event and your best off watching the keynote to find the full details, also specifications for all the machines can be found at the Apple website.
Now my final thoughts. I’m a little bit disappointed by the lack of upgrade to the iBook and Mini. These are two very good machines, both of which being a great start for a ‘new’ Apple user or Windows switcher, they should get the Intel treatment and maybe help a couple more users switch. The new laptop, whilst being a thing of beauty and yes I do wish I had some spare cash just sitting around, but is this a replacement to the PowerBook? At present there is only one size MacBook Pro (just does not roll off the tongue) in two processor speeds, do they plan to release a 17inch MacBook Pro (feck this from now it will be MBP) if not why not? is this machine a testing ground for the Intel cores?
Apple I love your products and you do inspire but where are you taking us on this wild ride of gadgets? More importantly is a 1.67ghz Intel core a good thing, if we are now using Intel cores do we not measure clock speeds the same as PC users? Or are we still doomed to lose the ghz arguement with those Windows users that don’t understand risk processing?