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HD-DVD bolt on extra for Xbox

If you can’t decide which media to support; HD-DVD or Blu-Ray why not do the next best thing and just offer external drives.
At present the Blu-Ray/HD-DVD argument is a bit like the old VHS/Betamax problem. They are both good systems but in the end only one will survive commercially and at present no one knows which.
So to prevent an ‘egg on face’ situation the 360 was released with HD support for games but not the media; just a standard DVD drive. The PS3 on the other hand is firmly behind the Blu-Ray scene with specifications detailing a built in next gen drive.
However MS recently announced that they will produce a HD-DVD external drive for the 360. This would be more for the DVD film side of things but would be an extra if the user wanted it whilst not pushing the price up on the standard console.
Ok so they have the HD-DVD area covered; what if Blu-Ray is the next sliced bread? Simple just offer an external version of those. MS have no plans for a Blu-Ray version but I would bet my milk money on they will if HD-DVD goes the way of the Betamax.