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Hats off to Microsoft

Last night I had a few spare minutes so I was messing about with a Xbox360. You know how it is you keeping plugging stuff in trying to find out what would work and what device will eventually crash the machine.
Well, keyboard fine (really handy for setting up the console), digital camera working great, next storage devices; looking good but what about an iPod.
Plug in and to my surprise it works, not only that but it has full playlist support! You have to download a small file from the Xbox Live Market place called; Optional iPod Support which is around 170kb to play the iTunes AAC files but apart from that pretty damn neat. Now to some this might not appear to be too great just yet but let me fill you in. I’m a Mac user, I own a Mac formatted iPod, meaning Microsoft have included the ability to read HFS+ format drives. This is a clever little trick and could it be the first signs of the giant realising that FAT and NTFS are not the only file systems in the world or are they just accepting that every man and his dog own an iPod and they better cash in on it?