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Core Bike Show

Corebike Show

Yesterday afternoon was taken as a jolly. In other words work got the boot and I spent the time traveling to the Core Bike Show.
This event is a trade show for the major importers of all things cycling, so I had to take on the role of ‘Web Designer’ for LifecycleUK, despite the fact that Rob actually signed me up as office gimp! Matt (the only real employee of LifeCycle) was 'Mechanic’.

Held in Birmingham it was a drive to the event, to which with my brand of clean safe fun passed as smoothly as well oiled milk. There was no downgrading talk or mention of anything below the belt of decency.

The show itself was very good, all the major players were there showing off the latest in carbon and ti. The show was smaller than expected and I was totally mis-lead by the talk of booth babe’s, unshaven Germans were the only people at the booths!

I think the most time was spent at the BMC stall staring at the new all carbon frame, I would just be happy with last years version with alu lugs. But then at £4,000 I’m really in position to say yes just yet.