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Petrol Explosions

Yesterday morning I was chatting away with a friend and he asked if I was woken up by the explosion?
Of course as I had only got up, showered and left the house I had no time to catch up on the news of the world on this very foggy morning but it turns out that a oil depot in Hertfordshire had exploded during the early hours. This friend who only lives a few miles away from me heard the incident and even claimed a collegue in Aldeburgh heard it, thats about 100miles!
According to Wikipedia there were people in France and the Netherlands that heard the explosion, that’s one big bang. The smoke cloud from the fire is visable from 20 odd miles away and even makes the national weather, sure beats the standard white fog; black oil fumes, really cleans out the lungs on those chilly mornings.
Of course the first thoughts were terrorist attacks, planes being flown into oil depots and armoured cars with explosives and suicide bombers with a taste for petrol. Then the panic buying of petrol started, because of course the lack of this oil depot will create a shortage of petrol so best get as much as you can now. I heard about this incident at around 9:30 on Sunday morning, the first explosion was around 6:00 that morning yet word of panic petrol was already rife. Where’s the logic?