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Not a good start to the month

GordiniYesterday was not the best day and not the best start to December. It was going well for me, got into work and managed to finish off some customers artwork and get a few jobs finished. Then one of our bigger suppliers came to see us and invited us out for a meal in the evening. As I get sorted and head out leaving Lucy at home quite happy, doing more jewelry stuff. A Chicken Tikki Balti later I come home to find Lucy in tears and something afoot in the kitchen. It turns our Gordini; Lucy’s chincilla who has been with us for over six years had passed away. By all accounts he had passed away in his sleep in his wooden house but Pickle; who’s cage is next to him, must have sensed it as she went mad. Since then is has been a weird mood in the house and Pickle must have picked up something is wrong as there is no attention seeking but she is acting very cautious. Lucy, as expected is upset, we obtained Gordini when we first moved in together and he has been with us ever since. I don’t think we will try to replace just remember the Doritos stealing ball of fluff as he was.