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Mid Week Roundup

Yeah ok so it’s not quite mid-week and infact it’s closer to the weekend than anything but that just about gives you the idea on what it has been like lately.

First off the site.
When Michael announced that r127 of K2 will only run on WordPress2.0 I started thinking, maybe I should upgrade, I mean WordPress2.0 is at release candidate stage, whats the worse that could happen. Well everything appears to work except for permalinks for UTW and FAlbum and for some reason the Live Archives won’t show in Firefox, IE, or Flock; works fine in Safari!

In other news…
Well it finally hit me the other day that it is indeed the festive season. I’m not the most Christmassy of people, I’m no scrooge but I just never really get all tinsled up. But the other day I sat there flicking through the channels and settled on re-runs of Home Alone, how can you not get in the Christmas mood with that film? So now I’m full swing into Christmas and looking forward to only 5 working days left.