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360 or just 180?

2nd December marks the European launch of the Xbox360. Have you got yours?
My answer; No.
But then did I pre-order? No. Did I sit there months ago getting all worked up over the machine; No. Have I spent the last few months getting in a worse state as the hype builds; No. Was the last few weeks spent checking my online pre-order trying to work out if I would recieve the console today; No. Am I worried; well yes a bit.
I’m a massive gadget freek and love all things to do with this kind of stuff so yes deep down I do wish I was at home playing PGR3 instead of writing this during my lunch break, who won’t be. But I’m also not going to buy into the hype and marketing politics of these machines. People all around are pulling there hair out, worrying that they will not get a console. On the radio this morning was a bloke who pre-ordered a 360 in September for his 5 year old son and is now told it will be Feburary before he get’s one. First off why are you buying a £300 console for a 5 year old, second it’s because of people phoning up and claiming this it sends another 6 people out to pre-order, just in case. Second case subject came in the form of a delivery driver today, he had pre-ordered 3 consoles for his son, now as he won’t get one for Christmas he has sent his wife out to find one; good luck love! So that’s 3 pre-ordered and one from the shop; 4, but really you only want one, no wonder there are not enough to go round.
Now to the really strange part, Lucy is Christmas shopping today and phoned me up and asked, do you want a 360, there are quite a few of the core systems out here, shall I pick one up?
Why are there so many of these left? Ok no hard drive, no wireless controller and no media remote. Sorry can you not buy these seperately?
The hard drive is nice but I can’t organise my iTunes collection, I’m not going to worry about burning it all to a XBox as well, save games yes but just pick up the hard drive at the same time.
Do you really need a wireless controller now, what this morning you woke up and wires are just so yesterday?
Media remote, well whats the point if you did not pick up that hard drive?
People stop running round screaming and acting like headless chickens, you can get that 360 your after or better yet lets all get together and play a quick round of Cluedo.