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3% is still a lot!

During the first week of launch experts estimate that between 300,000 and 400,000 Xbox 360’s were sold in the US. This is nearly their planned 3 month target in a week.
But is has not been all clear sailing for Microsoft, there have been various reports of overheating power supplies, random crashes and games freezing and even dvd’s being ripped by the laser mountings of the drive. Microsoft have had to admit there could be a problem and so annouced that yes there is a fault but only 3% of machines are to blame.
Yes every new product will have some teething problems and yes the second shipment will always be better, they will fix this and tweek that. According to M$ this percentage is still below the consumer average, nice one. I’m spending £300 on the latest console and it trashes my game disc, it’s ok. It catches fire and trashes my house, once again it’s ok as it’s below the consumer average.
Since when did around 10,000 defective machines become an acceptable amount? Find me a 360 owner that would agree when they have to wait a month to get a replacement.
When I buy a car I don’t expect the brakes to fail and be told ‘well you see you were only in the 1.456% of owners that did experience this problem but it’s ok now as you are dead!’
Ok bit extreme that one but how you accept the fact that what you buy could well be in a defective group. All seems like a disposable society to me.