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virus warnings

I recieved an email from one of our suppliers at work the other day, warning me of a virus doing the rounds. They warned me of a nasty virus based upon a Budweiser frog screensaver and how not to download it but please pass this on to all your friends as it is a new alert and we should make everyone aware blah blah blah…
This hoax has been around for years, I mean years, all it does it take up bandwidth and put people in a state of panic; is my Norton up to date!
However this morning I came into work to find out I was a naughty boy yesterday and according to the FBI I was logged on serval ‘suspect’ web sites, wow not bad given I was at home. Anyway it was so bad that the postmaster at the FBI decided to send my the details over 82 times in an email, thanks. Now I’ve just had another 75 emails from sending me my password details, now this time I’m getting fed up, these emails all had nasty little virus’ in and each time one came through Norton popped up, 'We found a virus’ clever little thing. Not really, if it was that clever it would not lock up the system and prevent me from working until a had given him a little pat on the head and sent him off to look for more; or press the little 'Finish’ button. 75 times! Man I miss my mac. Please Sage make a Mac version of your accounts software.