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New style and code

Following on from my post about asides I’ve had a look at trying to create something else. Those of you in the know will clearly see the similar layout to that of Michael’s recent Invader style. Yup that is the inspiration, I’m not going to try and hide it, however I will point out that I’ve not ripped his code or ‘borrowed’ CSS file’s (well clearly looking at the layout) I have spent the time trying to understand 'theloop’ and the files of K2 and build my own version upon it. I’ve also tried this AJAX thing that every one is going on about or using. There are still a lot of bugs and poorly written code here but it was an interesting little experiment.
To be honest I reckon I’ll change it soon, once I get a better grip on the coding I’ll put mu own spin on it. Full marks to BB for the inspiration.