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Cuddly Aliens

Yesterday afternoon was spent in Ace Comics, the local comic and movie alladin’s cave. Lucy and I split up in an effort to cover more ground, ok she had seen a Captian Jack Swallow model and the whole Johnny Depp thing kicked in. I ended up at the Star Wars action figure section, yep they had a case of original figures, even Hans in Hoth battle gear! Whilst I stood there surrounded by nostalgia and lost in the thoughts of ‘what ever happened to my X-Wing’ Lucy called me over to the Alien section. She had found what was quite possibly the cutest re-incarnation of the Alien creature; a soft cuddly face hugger, complete with velvet finish egg. Just below was a nice soft Alien warrior, he even had nice soft claws you could gently snuggly up with. What a great idea for your first born or rug rat.