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Trafalgar Day

Here in the UK it is a little known event called Trafalgar Day, to be honest it is not the most popular or well known celebration ever to hit the calender but as this year is the 200 year anniversary people are making a bit more of a fuss.
There is national cermony being held tonight where as beacons will be lit, up and down the country (if any one knows the reason behind this please let me know) Sudbury is taking part with this and now due to the recent move the beacon on the local ‘croft’ is only a 30 second walk away. Following on from this my family has always held a 'Guy Fawkes’ celebration on or around the 5th of November in their local village. It was decided this year that it would be moved forward and have a Trafalgar Day bonfire instead. So the little rural village of Newmans Green will also have it’s own Trafalgar beacon.