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iPod repairs!

This afternoon i was visited by a friend asking me to transfer music from one iPod to another. In order to do this i used iPodrip and iTunes, but first i had to get the iPods connected and talking to the computer. This proved to be a problem with one of the iPods. Whenever a button was pressed, the Apple symbol appeared, stayed for about ten seconds then it came up with a folder and exclaimation mark and started to make clicking sounds. Also the computer would not pick up the iPod and would not connect with it. I tried the usual ‘menu + select reset’ process (as explained by funky in a previous post) but this did no good. We then moved on to searching the internet as to how to resolve this problem. Two hours passed and still not much further. Attempts to reset the iPod back to factory settings failed, and all reports we read about exclaimation marks and clicking were leading to a damaged hard drive which looked unrepairable. Spirits were dropping and thoughts of shelling out for a new iPod were entering everyones heads, until…… I came up with a crazy plan. The hard drive could have been damaged due to being dropped or knocked, maybe another knock or drop would put it back into place. At this point, the iPod was snatched from me, tossed over a shoulder, bounced off a door and wall and landed at the other side of the room. Funky then picked up the Pod, pressed a button and low and behold by some kind of fluke or miracle IT WORKED!! Next time anyone finds themselves in a desperate situation with a dodgy Pod, don’t loose all faith, just chuck it across a room and all will be OK!!!