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iPod crash

almost a year on and I still treat my iPod with baby gloves, I don’t know if it is me or the fact Lucy bought it for me but everytime I move it or use I am so careful. Why then do I feel it is safe to put (gently place more like) in my rucksack and then sramble down bridlepath’s on my bike!
Anyway last night bobgbob came round as per usual and was talking about finally jumping on the iPod bandwagon, we were just talking about them so I proceeded to find mne. I removed it from the iSkin case and let him size up the 4th gen model. After a quick trip round iTunes we deicded it was time for a brew, I went to safely return the little jukebox too it’s sleeping bag when I noticed the light on and the displaying showing it was playing. Strange, I thought, I’ll stop that; click! What nothing happened, click! Pause I command you! It would appear my iPod had totally froze and locked up, even the hold switch had no control.
This was not a total new event as at the week end Tim had told me about how his iPod froze whilst playing the James Bond theme the other week. His answer was to leave it and wait for the battery to run down. So I guessed that was my plan, except it was on charge before bob picked it up.
We were just laughing at the prospect of waiting for this thing to die and the fact you can not reset the machine when gravy turned up. ‘Oh yeah, that happened to me, press and hold Menu and Select for a bit’ Sure enough it performs a soft reset! That kind of information should be in instruction books, yell it probably is, but when I got my iPod did I bother to read it, do I need a book to teach me how to use an iPod?!?
It would appear so.

Tim if you ever get stuck just press and hold Menu and Select for about 5 seconds and it will reset your iPod and release Mr. Bond.