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I’ve owned a iPaq2210 for quite a while now and it has been my trusted companion; always getting me to meetings on time or making sure I never forget a birthday or two. Yes we have had our ups and downs, like Rui (and most other users) points out the side grips are a waste of time, the BlueTooth is bit flaky at times and there is not a decent phone application to be seen in HP’s line up. That aside I love the little thing and it was breaking my heart today as it started to fall apart in my hands. I remove to sync as I do every morning only to have the grips fall off again, damn! Ok move on, nope can’t do no power, strange it was working last night. Turns out battery is dead, backup is flat and everything lost. Right try to charge; no luck. Finally something works and we have life, set up the machine once again, luckily I have a backup from the week end on a SD card, crap no recognising any cards. The card reader is dead, ok backup from last week on the PC, nope it is now telling me that the backup is from a different machine! Things are not looking good and the only thing I could do was put it away again and hope that the PDA pixies come out tonight and make it all better again.