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From one ring to another

It looks like Peter Jackson of ‘Lords of the Rings’ fame is going to take on another ring; the infamous Halo. I found this link on a Xbox site.

Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox announced today that triple-Academy Award winners Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as the executive producers of HALO, the upcoming feature film based on Microsoft’s phenomenally popular video game from Bungie Studios

Now for me the introduction of a Halo film will just about kill the whole franchise, Halo (the first one that is) was by far a complete master peice and one hell of a lunch title for Xbox. However the sequel did not really live up to the hype in my views. Maybe that was the reason the hype. I remember going to GSL and watching people queue for upto 4 hours just to play for a couple of minutes! Then when it was released it was a good game to start with until the Halo fanboys took over. Now I can not really bear to think of playing it online and the single player mode is very tired, how many covenent and you destroy in one life time! Back to the film… I’m sure once again the hype will take over and everything will get blown out of proportion and there will be lines for the cinema (if it makes it that far) My real concern is how can you make a film from the game? Tomb Raider tried and despite the beautiful Angelina Jolie it did not quite re-create that atmospere you get from the game, and that to me is the problem you will never tap into the raw feelings of playing the game. Despite that the creative flair of Jackson and Walsh should be some what interesting in this category, I just hope they go back to their roots and have Masterchief take on Lionel and his mum’s band of rat monkey created zombies!