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Bond, Daniel Craig, Bond

Today saw the announcement of the sixth James Bond, Daniel Craig, of Layer Cake fame, steps up to the plate to take on the role.
Personally I’m not really feeling him as the Iam Flemming super spy, don’t get me wrong I think he has the skills and the talent and is one of Britains finest (current that is) but he just does not fit the Bond image in my eyes. He would make a great bond villan or another 00 agent but for me Bond has always had that dark image behind him, with the knowing thought of depsite his wise cracks you just would not mess with him. Take a look at the article in the Mail (be sure to check the enlarged image) he looks more like he should save Greenwich from congestion charges not save the world. So who would fit? Personally I don’t really know, Clive Owen springs to mind, even (it hurts me to say it) Robbie Williams, who was well up for the challenge would fit the charactor, not sure about the ego damage thou?
Despite all this I wish the bloke luck and remain to be impressed.