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the whole concept of asides to me is an interesting one.
I like the idea of having a seperate section for those off beat comments or posts but I’m still undecided as to the location and style of them. with K2 you have two options; inline or on the side bar. so far I’ve opted for inline but I just don’t think that either place lends itself well to the idea of asides. the sidebar to me is the place for all those funky little ‘php powered’, 'wordpress’, 'linux operated’ icons that everone loves to stick in. but the inline option still does not feel right, there is no real seperation between the posts and the ramblings. of course you can change the styles and make them stand out or blend in (which ever your poison) but it still does not just feel right. until I think the man man Michael has shown the way. over the last few weeks the new BB theme; Invader has taken on various guises but his latest work has shown a true difference between the two types of post. I love the concept of the two journals running side by side, so to speak, and the contrast is now easy to understand, you know your reading either an interesting Monday morning quirk or one of those epic insights that leaves you with hmmmm…
for me this is the way forward in terms of this feature, except I neither have the time, knowledge or patience to code it. plus you would need to spin your own version now, hats off to another cutting edge design.