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Whats with the Roadworks?!?

When i was helping Funky move house, i was walking round the house thinking of the different times we have spent there. From the Halloween party to the Le Mans 24hour, and from the Most Haunted Live weekends up to the more recent WGS sessions. But one time that came to mind was the night theydug up Cross Street. Watching these guys working was quite enjoyable and a pleasure to see such speed, but lately, Suffolk County Council’s Highways Commission has caused havoc around our town. First they start digging up the Melford Road roundabout, then Melford Road, then Shawlands roundabout, then Girling street, then York Road, then Tudor Road, Prior Road, back to Shawlands, move across Girling Street, and now they are digging up Newton Road! The new road surfaces are a real treat to drive on, but they are really causing delays for the Sudbury town motorists!