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Panic @ the Pumps!

Panic @ the Pumps!It looks like its a repeat of 2000 as everyone seems to be ‘panic buying’ all the petrol from the pumps. A threat of a petrol blockade planned for Wednesday 14th September has caused people to go out and fill their tanks to the top. I can understand if people need to fill up their empty tanks in order to get to work, but people who are queuing for hours just to put a £5 top-up in really doesn’t seem necessary. I just watched the local news and saw an elderly man comment, “I’m not panic buying, I’m just filling my tank incase it runs out.” I’m no professional on human behaviour, but surely that IS 'panic buying’. Bless the elderly!

Our local 'Tesco’ has run out of unleaded, as well as Sudbury’s 'Shell’ petrol station. It has got so bad, the police were called in to direct the shear volume of traffic around the 'Esso’ station, as so many were trying to fill-up. I have got to half a tank in my car and i will now use my bike to get around until this all calms down. I have a feeling i will be using pedal power for only a few days!