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It's a Vauxhall? But it's good?

I was scanning over the web and happened to come across some car reviews. Now i know the car has been around since April this year, but the new Holden (Vauxhall) Monaro VXR really takes my fancy. After the initial release of the Monaro back in early 2004, the 5.7litre V8 muscle car has been improved vastly. The engine has been increased to the new Corvette C6 6.0i V8 which puts out a hansome 400+bhp and 391ft/lb of torque. This large 2 door Coupe has a 0-60mph of just 5 seconds, a top speed of 177mph (est), but is a little thirsty at just 22mpg on average. According to reviews, the suspension and handling has been greatly improved, the performance and pulling power has been unleashed to its full V8 potential and the build quality has been kept to a high standard.
Monaro Slide
Some say that this car does not compete with the others in its class, such as the Mercedes SL65 and the BMW CSL, but for value for money at just £37k, this motor wins hands down. The American/Australian engineering has been remarked as very ‘barn door’, but simple is sometimes better.
The manufacturers reputation has not been 'golden’ to say the least, but any Vauxhall that reaches 175mph has my vote!