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5mm = Extreme Pain

Update: Fitted the 170mm crank and had my first training session last night, today I’m feeling a bit better and the knee feels more confident but I guess it will take a few more days to really show.

For the last few weeks I’ve been riding and training on a Trek1400 road bike. I picked this up as a means to break into the road scene and put a few more miles on the clock. It was not quite the specification I was looking for; it has a tripe chainset instead of a double, but then you could not quibble at the price! I’m not sure which came first but for the last few weeks I’ve also been suffering from an extended tendon at the back of my knee. When on a bike I feel fine and never really worries me but after a ride my leg just will not striaghten out and causes some really horrible pains at times, I put it down to a incorrect seat height, so I adjusted it. Better but still there! Over the week end I was giving the Trek a service and thought about switching that triple for a double when I noticed something on the crank arms, there are 175mm cranks. The standard cranks for the everyday joe is a 170mm but these are 5mm more, not much you might say but I would put these down to increaasin the pains in my knee. One Shimano 170mm double chainset on it’s way!