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Things to do in a powercut; and afterwards!

I was sitting at the desk this afternoon updating the site and creating some more nodes on the Wiki and having a general tidy up. Quite a nice time too; iTunes on and just typing away when suddenly a click and total silence…
First thoughts are is was just us, turned out to be the whole street, so what do you do? Can’t even have a cup of tea to pass the time, how sad.
This was a good time to try and catch up with some reading, I have previously purchased a copy of ‘Angels & Demons’ by Dan Brown; from 'The Da Vinci Code’ fame, and so decided this might be a good time to start reading it.
It was good to sit there with out any distractions and just chill out, despite the feeling I was babysitting for some one (Lucy!)
Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
Eventually the power was restored and I decided to carry on with the site update. So upstairs I went and booted my [[G5]] and everything looked fine, now to start [[iTunes]] and carry on…
This is where the problems began. Somewhere my [[iTunes]] library had corrupted during the power cut. The raw files are still on the disk but the linking [[xml]] file has gone totally t*ts up!
Every file will need relinking and 'finding’ again so I guess I pick a wet Sunday afternoon and relink the files, unless any one has a handy Automator work flow or a script that can do it all?