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Let there be eBay

Today gravy2012 and I decided to try and clear out some of the junk I have collected over the many years.
With the whole looking for a house thing Lucy and I have realised that living in such a large house has created horders who have rooms of crap just piled up to the ceiling. We know to afford a new house we have got to remove the junk, no point to just moving it from one house to the next so we called upon gravy’s knowledge of [[eBay]] to help us out.
Strange as it might be, despite me near enough living on the internet I have never entered the whole [[eBay]] revolution. I don’t know the whole thing feels a bit weird to me, but as gravy has such a in depth knowledge of the place who better to put in charge of the process.
We spent all of Sunday boxing up items and photographing collectables only to find out that we are not even close to finishing it all. Makes you wonder how much money you spend on stuff but you just end up sitting in the corner of a room for the next eight months.