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It was a different night...

I had a phone call from bobgbob the other day to say that Grabor Plastics, who were my old employer who had recently been sold and taken over by another firm, were having a get together at a new drinking hole in Sudbury as a fare well. He asked if would like to show my face as an old employee and see people off to pastures new, I said hell no, but I’ll come just to take the pi55 if he wanted ;)
It started off with the best laid plans, a few cold ones in the sun sat next to the river Stour, that was until Joe the one man army turns up, only joking Joe I think every pub should come fitted with indoor plumbing and a Joe!
After a few drinks we all headed off and if any of the previous employees from Grabor Plastics find themselves here I only have to say I wish you all the best!