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Bug in Apple display

Last night whilst I was trying to take a couple more photo’s of the ongoing storm that has not really stopped for two days now, bob was looking at his new site on a Mac to check it worked in Safari when he commented on a ‘spot’ on my screen. On closer inspection it turns out that it is not a bit of dirt on the screen but a spot inside the screen. We sat there trying to work out what it was when the bit of dirt started moving!
Suddenly we realised what was going on, in all the storms is had brought out the favorite bug or everyone the 'Thunderbug’ you know those little black flies that get everywhere, I mean everywhere!
I’m not really sure what to do about it, I’m certain Apple does not cover insect invasion in thier warrenty and I can not imagine shelling out to much money to get it sorted, well not at present with current situations anyway. I guess I could wait for it to die and fall out, bob suggested send in a bigger bug to eat the smaller one, thanks!