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Are there any astrol beings here??

If you have sky, you may have accidentally gone past the motorsTV, men&motors, Poker channel or even an old episode of ‘Top Gear’ and found yourself on LivingTV. This is an interesting channel for the enlightened viewer, but one programme which i have grown used to is Most Haunted. The programme consists of former 'Blue Peter’ presenter Yvette Fielding, an acquired taste psychic Derek Acorah and a whole host of other cast and crew, visiting renowned haunted locations and conducting late night vigils and experiments to try and contact the spirits. I started watching this as my girlfriend enjoyed the programme and i kind of joined in watching and started getting interested. The first few shows caught me by surprise as i was not expecting to hear knocks at command, strange light anomolies and the often amusing scenes of Derek being possessed by the spirits.

After these initial few shows, i slightly lost interest as nothing more than these bangs and lights happened. However, about once every three months, Most Haunted have a live vigil, spanning over three days normally. The latest started on Sunday 19th June 2005 and was a 'Summer Solstice’ event being held in Wakefield, Yorkshire at a cotton mill, theartre and other locations. As i was round Funkys house watching this, we tried some 'automatic handwriting’. A technique whereby you draw or move your hand where ever and however it likes. I drew a man being caught in a machine, getting killed who i called Edward. To my surprise, an hour later on the programme, Derek Acorah started talking to a spirit man called Edward who had been killed in the factory by one of the machines. This got me a little worried, was i psychic? Was it a coincidence? Do i get a position and payrole on the programme for my sixth sense? Probably not!!