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We get a Pickle

Well today was finally the day we get to pick up Pickle the Senegal Parrot.
So off we set in the car to the sunny depths of Norfolk to meet Muriel and Keith again. They had organised for a pet carrier to be waiting for us and after a quick fairwell chat we were back on our way home with the bird.
I’m not sure if it was my driving or just the experience but half way home Pickle decided that she wanted to see what was going on, so a quick change in direction of the carrier and she seemed settled.
An hour or so later and we were home, but she was looking a bit stressed and so we left to get used to her new home. I’m sure there will be more updates as she settles in. Below is a copy of the certificate provided by Muriel as proof of the bird, bit like a birth certificate I guess.
Pickles Certificate
Once again a big thank you to Muriel and Keith for all their help!