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I finally bag myself a Tiger

Yesterday I finally recieved my copy of Tiger, yep thats right nearly a week after the release date despite the Apple promise of ‘order from us and we will pre-deliver it so you can enjoy on the day’. Well in Apples defense it was more a TNT problem, least the local TNT driver and I agreed that TNT are by far the best of the worse!
Anyway back to the blog, recieved a nice box full of one copy of Tiger and one S+ARCK mouse, yes I know it’s a gimic but it looks great next to the Cinema display.
Right my first major decision, how to upgrade…
In the end I opted to just do a straight install but keeping my mail and documents (photo’s and iTunes library) so a quick backup to the iPod and just to be safe a copy of the second drive then boot from cd. I zero’d out the drive and went to install. Everything went great and the first impressions are really good, everything feels so much quicker and more responsive, boot up times are better and system feedback improved. The best bit for me has got to be RSS in Safari, I really like the Dashboard idea but with everything all US based it was just annoying at times.
I’m thinking about doing a big review on it but we will see, a bit more play time to get the final verdict.