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Flickr Photo Site

Every one has fallen in love with digital photo’s but you never really view like you should be able to because not every one has web space to share their treasures. I’ve started putting some of my pictures on this site under the media section and as good as SimpleViewer is it is a pain having to resize the photo’s create and thumbnail and modify the xml for the album.
I’ve looked at sites like photobucket and stuff but none really grabbed me with a lot of interest, until I found Flickr. I’ve noticed a few other bloggers using it and after a few days messing about I decided to purchase a pro account, for a total of £15 I can host as many photo’s as possible (there is only a 20gb monthly bandwidth limit) you can upload via email, even upload direct to a blog if needed but the real trick to me is being able to export direct from my iPhoto library to the web space without any need for modification.
I think I’m gonna try using my Flickr space as it saves my bandwidth and see how things go.