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Episode E3: The Console Wars

We all know that [[Microsoft]] has been planning the unveil their new console the Xbox2 or [[Xbox360]] as it will be known and it is a engraved rule that [[Sony]] will come back with a new version of the [[PlayStation2]] which is cunningly going to be known as the [[PlayStation3]].
If you are into your gaming you will know that the [[Xbox360]] was actually unveiled on a MTV special show, which in my mind was a waste of time, but with [[E3]] going on at the moment the rumours are ripe and the internet is buzzing with the first views of both next generation consoles.
I’m not going to start the age old ‘which is better argument’, hell we may as well discuss the advantages of a Mac over a PC ;)
For me I hope that the [[Xbox360]] is great and really pushes the limits of gaming consoles because it will force the [[PlayStation3]] to raise the bar once again. At the end there will only be one winner; me, the consumer. I will benefit from the healthy competition and I will end up playing the latest and greatest software on the best hardware available.